Finals Week Comes to a Close!

From Back to Front: Brothers Ahmed Almahie, Dillon Rice, Jacob Brewer, and Devan Naes

That’s a wrap on Fall 2019’s finals week. The undergraduates are all heading home for winter break. There was much appreciation and great use out of the new study room. Thank you to all the alumni who helped renovate the chapter facility and contributed to making the in-house study room a success!

Delta Sig Day of Giving Recap

Part of the mission of Delta Sigma Phi is to give back to the organization to ensure the access to scholarships and programming to undergraduate brothers to provide the chance for success. Delta Sigs did just that with their donations during the Day of Giving, great job and a huge thank you to all alumni who continue to give back in any form!

Founders Day for Delta Sigma Phi

Today marks our fraternities founders day. 119 years ago, our fraternity was founded on the idea of acceptance of others and a brotherhood that could withstand the test of time and the winds of the Egyptian desert, and today that vision continues to hold true.
Happy Founders Day to all the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi!

Brother Danny Rich Receives Award Godlove Award for Contributions to the Science of Color

Brother Danny Rich PC ’69

Brother Danny Rich received the Godlove award for his contribution to the science of color from the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) on March 18th this year. This prestigious award recognized long-term contributions to the field.

Danny works as as a senior color physicist and currently leads the color research laboratory team. Danny currently is a member of the ISCC board of directors and has served as president of the board from 1998 to 2000 and as past president from 2000-2002