Gamma Iota Alumni

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We give the thanks to our Alumni, for those who show support, for those who help in a time of need, and for all who have still remained our brothers for eternity! 

Greetings Alumni Brothers! It has taken a much less time to get our second Alumni Newsletter out, and we hope to keep them quarterly from now on. We have fully recognized that our alumni are, and always have been, one of the most important components of our fraternity. We have focused on reconnecting with our graduated brothers for the past few months now, and will be doing much more this summer.

This year, we’ve placed emphasis on improving the the eternal bond between the Brothers of our Delta Sigma Phi chapter by strengthening brotherhood among our active brothers, as well as our Alumni.We have also been working to create opportunities for ourselves so that we may recruit men of superior status in the upcoming Fall 2016 semester. We have been actively working to improve the quality of brotherhood through diverse avenues, including: growing the committee system we just reestablished, refurbishing the cosmetic condition of the house, delegating responsibilities and maintaining accountability, and finally reestablishing connections with all of our alumni. We have restructured our quarterly report! Starting with bringing the old name back to the new newsletter! The “Gamma Eye” and the contents within are broken into six components:

Youth Update, Intel from ACB, The Reno, Boy tuns into Man, Originality Continues, and Sailor’s Spotlight.

So make sure to go Check out the latest, New and Improved Gamma Eye Newsletter! This is located on the alumni Facebook page, just send Beau Brazier, Thomas Entwit, or Devin Leatham a message on Facebook if you aren’t already on it! If your not into the whole social media movement, then be sure to send an email to the Delta Sig Email. This is located on the top menu under the title “Contact” to the far right side.

Strengthening the bonds of brotherhood is easier when we stay connected. If you are a Gamma Iota alumnus, please update your contact information via the form to the right. This will enable the Chapter to inform you of the happenings at the Chapter, as well as reunions and news from past and present Brothers. Please take a minute to fill out the information form below to register yourself in our Alumni Database. We have been making great strides lately in reconnecting with all of our alumni! So far we have already grew our Facebook page around 100 men stronger and have updated our alumni contact list considerably from the original three separate databases we had!