The Rebuild

For The Chapter, For A Brother, For Yourself

Our fundraising efforts for 2017 require us to ask the alumni for help to cover operational expenses while the chapter house is vacant as well as the long awaited improvements needed to make us competitive with other fraternities who have recently done major remodels. We are the only long term fraternity on campus that has never done a new build or major remodel. In the Greek system today we need to rush the parents as well as the students to secure the future of our beloved Gamma Iota. The condition of a fraternity is a factor in this decision between a student and their parents.

The Pyramid - Summer 2016

We anticipate reopening the chapter for the Fall of 2017. In between we need help covering those fixed operating costs through August 2017. We have suspended all service contracts between now and then to minimize that requirement. Just the power, insurance, water, new alarm system, monitoring fees, and basic phone and internet for the fire alarm and security system is all we are asking help with. Click on the Operational Expenses link below to donate to this fund. This is our most pressing short term need.

Our chapter improvements have to start with a new roof. We did enough repairs last fall to get us through the winter, but we will need to replace it no later than this spring. Once that is complete the next major project will be complete remodels of the basement, 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms. We plan on spending more on commercial grade fixtures that will last longer and cost us less in the long run. Once those projects are funded then we have identified projects where materials are supplied and alumni can donate the labor. What a great excuse for a reunion with the guys from your era. We hope to start scheduling those as early as this spring and run them all the way up to Rush 2017. Click on the House Improvements link below to donate to this fund.

As undergraduates we were all challenged to repay the debt by bringing someone into the fraternity better than ourselves. As alumni we should carry that forward and give back for the positive things we got out of a once in a lifetime experience of living in fraternity at Idaho. Your contribution of time or money will help insure the future of Gamma Iota and continues to produce men of courage, action, and excellence.

For more information about the happenings of the chapter and how to get involved, including our newly formed Alumni Chapter and Linkedin Network, please join our FB Page –

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